The Forum

Canada 150&Me project participants identified diversity and inclusion as one of the top challenges or opportunities facing our country for their generation. Appreciating the value of difference, and ensuring that all youth regardless of geography, gender, race, ability or economic circumstance are able to realise their full potential was the principle and opportunity many youth shared. The participants also identified several challenges to be addressed related to diversity and inclusion. They included addressing systemic barriers due to racism and discrimination, preventing feelings of anxiety, isolation and exclusion due to bullying. This year's forum will delve deeper into these areas and challenge participants to think creatively about how they can make a difference in their schools, and in their communities.

The Program Schedule

We have an amazing week planned!  A copy of the working schedule can be found here,  but here are some of the highlights!   We are pleased to announce that Young People’s Theatre (YPT) is a partner in the project and will be  gu…

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The Youth Leadership Forum will offer youth from across Canada the opportunity to lead and be part of an intensive week-long experience exploring issues of diversity and inclusion to be held in the Greater Toronto Area from June 29 – July 6th 2019. The week-long leadership forum will offer youth mentorship and hands-on volunteer experiences, along with the opportunity to work together, guided by creative industry professionals, to present ideas and solutions for personal action to younger elementary school aged children in a half-day Youth Forum that they design and produce.

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Program Partners

Experiences Canada is grateful to be working in collaboration with these amazing program partners to create and plan the workshops and activities for the Diversity and Inclusion Youth Leadership Forum!

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Youth Leaders

A close-knit team of inspiring young people will accompany the youth participants, supporting them in their week-long series of experiential learning activities and preparing them for their role at centre stage of the Youth Forum Day.

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