Teaching Resources


Activities can be incorporated into teachers’ or group leaders’ existing plans to discuss Diversity and Inclusion with youth across the country.

Activity 1: The Privilege Walk

Learning Objectives: Develop appropriate vocabulary to use throughout the program; Become aware of one’s privileges; Discuss the intersectionality of privileges and marginalization in everyday life.


Activity 2: Exit ticket

Learning Objectives: Identify my overall subject and group of interest for the community action project.


Activity 3: Mind Map

Learning Objectives: Brainstorm the various barriers that my target group faces, and the benefits for them and my community if those barriers were removed.


Activity 4: Interview

Learning Objectives: Understand on a deeper level the various barriers with which my group of interest is faced.


Activity 5: Self-assessment

Learning Objectives: Reflect on prior knowledge and knowledge acquired throughout the program; identify areas that require more research.


Activity 6: Think-Pair-Share

Learning Objectives: Understand the importance of diversity; build on prior knowledge.


Activity 7: Community Action Project

Learning Objectives: Respond to the needs outlined by my target group; promote diversity and inclusion


Activity 8: Gallery Walk

Learning Objectives: Present my community action project in a creative way; educate my peers; set longer-term goals to help dismantle barriers to diversity.