Teaching Resources


Activities can be incorporated into teachers’ or group leaders’ existing plans to discuss Reconciliation with youth across the country.

Activity 1: Kairos Blanket Exercise

Learning Objectives: Promote critical reflection, understanding, respect and reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples by introducing a unique collaborative and interactive history lesson.


Activity 2: Exit ticket

Learning Objectives: Understand what Reconciliation entails, as well as our individual and collective roles in that work; Begin to identify potential topics for the community action project.


Activity 3: Think-Pair-Share

Learning Objectives: Understand a variety of perspectives; deepen understanding of significant events, people or documents in relation to Reconciliation; Build on prior knowledge.  


Activity 4: Getting Experimental

Learning Objectives: Understand on a deeper level the role culture, language and traditions play in Indigenous life and Reconciliation.


Activity 5: Mind Map

Learning Objectives: Organize ideas and patterns observed throughout lessons 1 and 2; Plan an art project which will reflect what they have learned and how they situate themselves within Reconciliation.  


Activity 6: Art Project

Learning Objectives: Represent their understanding of Reconciliation in the form of art; Express their understanding of their role within Reconciliation.


Activity 7: Community Action Project

Learning Objectives: Work collaboratively to achieve a common goal; Promote Reconciliation in my school/community/province/territory/country.  


Activity 8: Sharing Circle

Learning Objectives: Reflect on prior knowledge and knowledge acquired throughout the program; Identify areas that require more research.